• The Unit body is made from brand new standard 20ft/40ft high cube container modified to be sound proof enclosure.
  • Designed to have optimum serviceability. Air inlet louvers specially designed to operate at rated load even at 50 deg. C enclosure temp.
  • All containers are ISO as standard with 4 No. ISO type lifting points fitted at each corner for ease of installation to final site locations.
  • Two service doors, one at each side and connected by earthing cable to the container body.
  • Inlet and outlet air louvers areas are made to be enough for your generator requirements, and they are made to be removed for easy service.
  • All doors have a water proof sealant that prevents water from going inside the container.
  • The container is lined from inside by 1 inch. glass wool covered by perforated sheet metal, this material will work as an acoustic liner.
  • Air inlets are equipped with bird mesh, the inside of the container is lighted with heat resistant light fixtures, all wiring conduits are made of 20mm galvanized steel pipes.
  • The container will be equipped with two outside emergency stop button, outside fuel supply and return, Power cable outlet.
  • Floor is lined with steel checkered plates and having a drainage point.
  • Handles and hinges are Stainless Steel.
  • Enclosure contains two fire extinguishers CO2 fixed at the service doors for easy handling.


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